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Welcome to Wematz

WEMATZ is an online Marketplace e-commerce platform with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. The WEMATZ Market place is owned by Wemart Global Services Limited, registered in Nigeria and operates through .

The WEMATZ as an online Market place e-commerce platform is designed to provide seamless interaction between buyers and sellers in the virtual marketplace. The concept of WEMATZ is a platform for direct link between buyers and sellers as against third party e-commerce platforms currently in operation. WEMATZ is also an innovative multi-sector online directory for local and international markets. The major aim of WEMATZ is to simplify e-commerce; giving both the merchants and the buyers control over each transaction as it has been traditionally.

At Wematz, the buyer is King. Unlike the other e-commerce platforms plagued with high and fixed prices of listed products, at Wematz, buyers have the opportunity to bargain the price of goods and services. Buyers also has the option of comparing prices between merchants to help them make the best buying decisions.

Wematz is user friendly and easy to use; above all, Wematz is very cheap and affordable for both merchants and buyers. The business flexibility so provided on Wematz is therefore exemplary.