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Below are Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is Wematz?

    Wematz, operating through is an e-commerce platform that provide seamless interaction between buyers and sellers in the virtual marketplace. The Wematz marketplace is limitless; giving opportunity to merchants of ALL products and providers of ALL services to open stores to sell their products and services to the teeming buyers.

  • How do I register as a merchant?

    To start selling on Wematz is very easy. Visit and fill the form. You will receive an email through the email address you provided with your generated password and a link to continue your registration. Click the link provided and sign into your account to continue create your store.

  • Do I have to pay for my store?

    Setting up your store on Wematz requires registration and annual subscription fee payment of =N=2,000.00 for your store to be active. This subscription fee is renewable annually.

  • Who can sell on Wematz?

    All merchants, providers of products and services are eligible to sell their products and services on Wematz. However, all products and services MUST conform with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and meet all regulation standards (where applicable).

  • How does a merchant receive payment?

    Each merchant is at liberty to determine their individual mode of receiving payments from buyers. This would be discussed and agreed with the buyers at their stores.

  • How do I buy on Wematz?

    Buying on Wematz is very easy. Search for your desired products and/or service, contact the merchant, negotiate the price and agree on modes of payment and delivery.

  • What is a promoted store/product?

    Promoted stores and products are those products and stores whose images are displayed on the Wematz homepage both on the website and on the mobile apps. When merchants create stores and goes-live, the stores becomes available under the chosen category and could be accessed when that category is viewed only not on the homepage. For a product or store to appear on the website and mobile apps homepage, merchants must pay to promote such product or store.

  • How secure is the Wematz platform against fraud?

    The Wematz marketplace is designed with the security of users in mind. However, ALL USERS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO PERSONALLY VERIFY BUYER OR SELLERS BEFORE CONCLUDING A TRANSACTION. Wematz is not liable for any loss whatever that may arise from transactions concluded on the platform.

  • Are there hidden charges and commission to be paid by merchants on Wematz?

    No, Apart from the annual subscription fee and the product/service promotion fee, no charges or commission payment are charged on the merchants. All merchants have exclusive control of their earnings on the Wematz marketplace – No hidden costs/charges.

  • Does Wematz share in the merchants’ profits?

    The responsibility and duty of Wematz is to provide a platform for a limitless marketplace; Wematz WILL NOT get involved in the merchants’ business and hence will not share in the merchants’ profit.

  • How do I make payment to Wematz?

    Payment of the subscription fee and the promotion fee to Wematz is done through our online payment gateway using your debit card or credit card.